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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  October 9, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> coming up an apparent murder-suicide in bethesda. a man and a woman are found. we have a latest in the investigation. >> plus the protest in d.c. are heating up one day after investigators forced to close the museum. and a record-smashing contest. a spicy chili eating contest has a taste of d.c. >> and good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm rebecca cooper. it was a week of dramatic showdowns in the district. first a confrontation between demonstrators and smithsonian
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police forced a shutdown. a protestor got in trouble with authorities after allegedly throwing his shoes at them. many are vowing they will remain. we are live with the latest. >> rebecca there is one more battle brewing because as you said that permit that was issued by the national park service that allows these protestors to be here at freedom plaza is set to expire. you can see that they are still completely operational. these people have no intention of going anywhere any time soon. they say if a showdown happens so be it because it wouldn't be the first this weekend. the youtube video shows exactly what protestors say they didn't want to happen. what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration turned ugly after a woman got knocked to the ground. >> people were trying to keep the doors open, go in there and
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help her get out. that's the part that i witnessed in the process of doing that all of us got pepper sprayed. >> he showed up and started riling up the security guards like a member of the group october 2011, said all he was trying to do was help the woman up from overzealous guards. the incident was the first time the activists have gotten aggressive. what was started by occupy d.c. and their anti-capitalism movement -- >> the whole system is corrupt tcap tall and the lighthouse. it's a light switch to corporate scandal. >> the war in afghanistan have brought many to the streets in d.c. including pat alvito begging president obama to bring her son home for good. >> he's been there four times. what are the chancing he's
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going to survive? he's in so much danger all of our troops are. >> there is a small police presence. a couple of police officers patrolling on foot. they say they're down here to help keep any unruley protestors in line. just to show you people don't plan going anywhere, you can hear the people behind me, they were talking about reconvening at 9:00 tomorrow at freedom plaza. not only do they plan to get arrested but they plan to have a good time doing it because they're going to be hosting a dance party at 10:00 when that permit is set to expire. they say if they're going to get arrested, they might as well have a good time doing it. >> fascinating. thank you. also tonight police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide. the bodies of a man and woman were found in the 5400 block of
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westbard avenue. >> hailey? >> well, police tell us that a relative of martin o'toole came here to the westbard towers after being unable to reach him for two days. inside that apartment, that relative found the 38-year-olds body and the body of hong trang tracy vu but friends just called her tracy. no words expressed their grief only music can say what this family feels for the loss of tracy vu. some spoke to vu a devout catholic who sung in the choir of our lady of vietnam parrish. >> i just saw her last sunday. i heard she died. >> blanca ga linda watched from her front door as parishioners,
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family and friends came to console her neighbors. >> it's very sad for us. >> we saw her earlier this week a smiling face next door. >> i saw her every morning when she went to work. >> those who knew her it is shocking such a reserved woman saturday she became the victim of a murder-suicide. police found o'toole with two guns and a note. >> the why why this occurred is maybe something that may or may not bring peace to the family members, but detectives right now are concerned about the what. vet na meeze culture values privacy in times of mourning. vu's family didn't want to talk about what happened. it was just too hard. >> when you get emotional it's a sign of weakness and they don't want to show that.
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>> the montgomery county police department is still waiting on the results of the medical examiner ins report. they're hoping those details will help them find out what happened here. >> thanks so much. meanwhile in northwest washington, police are investigating the fatal stabbing of a teenager. it happened in the 900 block of quincy street. police officer patrolling on a bike found a teen suffering from a stomach wound. the teenager died at the hospital. police are asking for anyone with information to please contact police. >> three metro stations remain close for repair work. the agency is trying to make improvements including track switches. shaw and columbia heights are shutdown this weekend. shuttle buses are being operated between the mount vernon square and georgia
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avenue station. normal operations will resume tuesday morning. all the roads closed for the army ten miler. an estimated 30,000 runners. they crossed to the national mall and circled to the pentagon. registration fees go to soldier and soldier family programs. >> it was a first for d.c. and it attracted some of the world's greatest theaters. contestants lined up to win world chili eating champion. when time was out joey chestnut was the winner. he downed two gallons of chili. for a complete photo gallery go to and it was a beautiful day for today's taste of d.c. so what can we expect for
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columbus day? steve rudin has your forecast look. >> high pressure across the mid-atlantic that's what brought us beautiful weather. 76 degrees this hour. regan national airport at 72. and fredrick at regan national. here it is. temperatures in the 60 to middle 70's but a big cooldown. tomorrow looking good. my full forecast in just a few minutes. >> we'll take it. >> still to come on abc 7 news. marathon death, a 35-year-old man dies during today's race in chicago. we have the latest. plus prison revelations. we're learning disturbing new details about what amanda knox experienced while she was in prison in italy. >> ex-beatle paul
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those pj's you like, the ones with the feet i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> we're following two developing stories, first in egypt where violence between christians on a recent attack on a church. more than 150 others have been injured in the attack. it's the deadliest day of violence since they ousted mubarak. we're following developing
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news where the marathon was marred by a runner's death. a 35-year-old man from north carolina collapsed this morning just 500 yards from the finish line. doctors were able to resuscitate the man but he later died in the hospital. an up a sli be determined tomorrow to determine why he died. >> and the senat is planned to vote on the jobs creation bill. the president is urging the public to pressure their representative to pass the nearly $450 million proposal. they have tinkered with the bill. they're recommending a tax on millionaires. right now it's unclear whether the bill will pass or fail. still to come, all you need is love. today ex-beatle paul mccartney wed his girlfriend. plus, steve is back
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>> she's been out of prison for nearly a week and now for the first time we're learning what life was like for american student amanda knox. reports say that she was sexually harassed. a high ranking security. >> they made sure to be sexual harassed. since they made her sex life so much a focus. >> the harassment stopped only after her attorney complained. she was also harassed by female prison mates. >> well, they are are now husband and wife. former beatle paul mccartney
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married today. chevell is 51. and he is 69. several people gathered in london's town hall. mccartney blue kisses when he emerged. he said i feel married. ringo starr and barbara walters were among the guest. lovely. >> they look like they had the nice weather. nothing compared to our weather. hard to believe daytime highs have been well into the 70's not the lower 80's. a nice day tomorrow and are you ready for some changes? they're on the way. take a look at annapolis. you can see the moon at the top of your screen as it continues to rise under crystal clear skies. a few high clouds will move in later on tonight along with a little bit of patchy fog mainly to the west of d.c. 7 will go down on in the books. at reagan national airport temperatures averaged at 71.
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94 back in 2007. 72 this hour. the dew point levels comfortable, the mid 50's. in rehoboth made it to 80. and georgetown university high of 81. the winds have really settled down. 76 at dulles. winchester at 68. upper 60's in cumberland. a large area of very warm temperatures for this time of year. lower 80's in minneapolis. upper 70's in chicago. this means one more day of really nice weather for us and then some changes on the way not coming in the form of a cold front but a low pressure that's going to develop off the southeast coast. our clouds will start to increase late tomorrow night into tuesday. and by wednesday looks like quite a bit of rain. up wards of 3/4 of an inch
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possibly an inch or so. high pressure for us giving us clear skies tomorrow. enjoy your columbus day. but notice to the south this is the approaching system that's going to gradually move off to the north. here's the rain arriving by tuesday and then sticking around all day long on wednesday. our forecast for tonight mainly clear, comfortably cool. temperatures mid 40's. in the mountains to just around 55 to 57 degrees closer to the district. the day tomorrow looking great. 78 to 83 degrees. lots of sunshine. winds will be out of the northeast just about 5 to 10 miles per hour. daytime highs will cool with the clouds and the rain, highs only in up ther 60's on wednesday. lower 70's on thursday, friday. another shot of cooler air for next weekend. but right now all models indicate next weekend will be just as beautiful as this past
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weekend only a bit cooler. >> it was perfect. perfect for taste of d.c. and perfect for football. >> redskins atop the n.e.c. east. and the weather. they were the off-season champ yons and not so much. we'll tell you how the eagles did today.
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>> well, today wasn't just any given sunday for the oakland raiders. the team's tenacious organization the late al davis died yesterday at age 82. the raiders had to overcome the adversity to bump over the 500 mark and face the texans today. a moment of silence in houston and around the league in honor of al davis. his son mark as you see was on the field cheering on if raiders. and right before half, jason campbell, the former turf. he braced a tackle and goes 35 yards for a touchdown. in the fourth quarter, jason campbell again throws on the move for an 18-yard touchdown, all the room in the world. 22-17, raid erts. and with just seven seconds
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left. watch matt shaw. he throws up the pass an it's picked up. michael hough with the game-ender. raiders win an emotional won 25-20. eagles and michael vick, and here we go. picked off by nick barnett. he takes it to the half for a 32-yard touchdown. as 21-7, bills at the half. then in the fourth quarter eagles driving and barnett is enemy number one. it's deflected and he grabs the interception. vick's fourth pick of the game. the bills win 35-24. >> giants-seahawks, charlie finds a wide open guy. 239-25 sea hawk -- 29-25 seahawks. ely manning picked off by brandon. he returns it for a 94-yard touchdown and belief it or not
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they win 26-25. ben roliss berger, 24-3, steelers. in the third quarter why not try it again? roethlisberger a quick stride towards the end zone for his second touchdown grab. steelers win 38-17. mother nature is leaving her mark in arlington, texas. game two of the rangers-tigers series has been postponed due to inclement weather. two game delays kept game one going into the early morning hours. bottom of the fourth 2-0 rangers and nelson cruz sends one deep to left. say goodbye. the rangers hang on to win 3-2. after the game, manager ron washington says sometimes in baseball things just go your way. got to agree. and tiger woods finished at seven under for the tournament
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>> be sure to check out our daily i wonder. this at that's not the planet earth. that's the sun. a new satellite that's helping take some fascinating pictures of the sun. check it out. head on over to temperatures tomorrow, columbus day, lower 80's. the clouds roll on tuesday. wednesday appears to be a washout. only in the 60's and then next weekend it looks good. bright sunshine, cool autumn temperatures.
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>> so what explains the color on the sun? i may have to check that out. thanks for joining us.
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